Perceptual Science Group @ MIT

Curriculum Vitae

Edward H. Adelson
John and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Vision Science


Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Computer Science and AI Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar St., Building 32-310
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: 617-253-0645





1974-1979. Ph. D. in Experimental Psychology, University of Michigan
Dissertation: The response of the rod system to bright flashes of light

1970-1974. B. A. in Physics and Philosophy, Yale University

Positions held:

2007 – Present: John and Dorothy Wilson Professor of Vision Science, Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Science
1997 – 2007: Professor of Vision Science, Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
1994 – 1997: Associate Professor of Vision Science, Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
1987 – 1994: Associate Professor of Vision Science, Media Laboratory, MIT
1981 – 1986: Staff scientist (MTS), RCA Laboratories; research on basic and applied problems in human and machine vision
1979 – 1981: Post-doctoral fellow at NYU; research in computational and psychophysical problems in motion perception

Honors and Awards:

2022 – Kurt Koffka Medal for Advancing the fields of perception or developmental psychology to an extraordinary extent
2020 – Ken Nakayama Medal for Excellence in Vision Science
2019 – IEEE Fellow
2013 – IEEE Computer Society Helmholtz Award
2010 – Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
2006 – Member, National Academy of Sciences
2005 – IEEE Computer Society Longuet-Higgins Award
1992 – Rank Prize in Opto-electronics
1984 – Adolph Lomb Medal, Optical Society of America
1983 – Outstanding Achievement Award, RCA Laboratories
1980 – Marquis Award, University of Michigan

Masters Theses Supervised:

Sharan, Lavanya, Image statistics and the Perception of Surface Reflectance, M.S., MIT, 2005
Tappen, Marshall, Recovering Shading and Reflectance from a Single Image, M.S., MIT, 2002
Neviett, William, Early Visual Features as Determinants of Perceived Texture Similarity, M.S., MIT, 1995
Niyogi, Sourabh, Kinetic Occlusion, S.M., EECS, MIT, 1995
Nagarajan, Ram, Very Low Bit Rate Object Based Image Compression Using Nonlinear Geometric Transforms, M.S., MIT, 1995
Desai, Ujjaval, Coding of Segmented Image Sequences, M.Eng. MIT, 1994
Chou, G. T., Visual Motion Perception: Uncertainty, Estimation, and Control, M.S., MIT, 1993
Sinha, Pawan, The Perception of Shading and Reflectance, M.S., MIT, 1992
Sokolov, Michael, Visual Motion: Algorithms for Analysis and Application, M.A., MIT, 1990
Simoncelli, Eero, Orthogonal Sub-band Image Transforms, M.S., MIT, 1988

Doctoral Theses Supervised:

Wang, Shaoxiong, Interactive Touch for Manipulation, MIT 2022
Yuan, Wenzhen, Tactile Measurement with a GelSight Sensor, MIT 2018
Li, Rui, Touching is Believing: Sensing and Analyzing Touch Information with GelSight, MIT 2015
Isola, Phillip, The Discovery of Perceptual Structure from Visual Co-occurrences in Space and Time, MIT 2015
Twarog, Nathaniel, Higher-Dimensional Computational Models of Perceptual grouping and Silhouette Analysis and Representation, MIT, 2012
Liu, Ce, Beyond pixels: exploring new representations and applications for motion analysis, MIT, 2009
Sharan, Lavanya, The Perception of Material Qualities in Real-World Images, MIT, 2009
Li, Yuanzhen, Perceptually Inspired Image Estimation and Enhancement, MIT, 2009
McDermott, Joshua H., Empirical Constraints on the Evolutionary Origins of Music, MIT, 2007
Tappen, Marshall F., Learning Continuous Models for Estimating Intrinsic Component Images, MIT, 2006
Fleming, Roland W., Human Visual Perception Under Real-world Illumination, MIT, 2003
Dror, Ron, Surface Reflectance Recognition and Real-World Illumination Statistics, MIT, 2002
Weiss, Yair, Bayesian motion estimation and segmentation, MIT, 1998
Wang, John Y. A., Layered Image Representation: Identification of Coherent Components in Image Sequences, MIT, 1996
Simoncelli, Eero, Distributed Analysis and Representation of Visual Motion, MIT, 1993
Freeman, William, Steerable Filters and Local Analysis of Image Structure, MIT, 1992.


updated 12/26/2023