Perceptual Science Group @ MIT

Website Information

Persci is a WordPress site created by Elmer Cat in December 2023.

The custom Persci theme was adapted from WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four.

In addition to the Persci Website plugin, the following plugins are required:

Permalink Manager Lite

Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields


People Pages

Each person’s page has a URL beginning with: (name)

Their sub-pages (if any) have URLs beginning with: (name) / (sub-page)

1 – Create a page by choosing “New Person”

2 – Enter a page slug for the new person — this will form the URL

3 – Click “Publish” to create the new page

4 – Change the page slug to the person’s full name — this will update the title, but keep the same URL for the person.

5 – Use the panel on the right to add basic information

  • Full Name
  • Group
  • Job Title
  • Featured Image
  • Links
  • Coordinates

6 – Directly below the slug is the main Content area for the person

7 – Click “Update” to save changes