Perceptual Science Group @ MIT


The visual system as statistician

  • Does the visual system collect summary statistics in early vision?
  • A model of peripheral vision
  • Predicting recognition in the periphery
  • Predicting visual search performance
  • Predicting perception of visual illusions 
  • Getting the gist of a scene

Texture perception

  • Shape-from-texture
  • Models for texture segmentation.
  • Segmenting images into textured and non-textured regions. 

Visual search

  • Visual search in cluttered environments – what is clutter?
  • Models for visual search and “popout.”
  • “Asymmetries” in visual search
  • Effects of background color on color search 

Application of human vision research to user interface design and information visualization

  • Predicting what groups people will perceive in a design.
  • Searching the web with enhanced thumbnails.
  • Document browsing aids.
  • “Doodle” icons to aid in searching for a computer file.
  • Tools for visualizing a large document on a small display.
  • Understanding clutter.

Perceptually-based image compression and image quality 

  • Reducing blocking effects in block transform coded images.
  • Perceptually based coding of still images.