Ruth Rosenholtz: Curriculum Vitae


Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar St., 32-D532
Cambridge, MA 02139

phone: 617 324-0269
email: r r u t h @ m i t . e d u


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley, December, 1994.
Major field of study: Signal Processing
Minor fields of study: Robotics and Control, Mathematics
Thesis: “Local Shape From Texture.” Advisor: Jitendra Malik.

M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley, 1991.
Thesis: “Iterative Procedures for Reduction of Blocking Effects in Transform Image Coding.” Advisor: Avideh Zakhor.

B.S. in Engineering, with Distinction in Course, Swarthmore College, 1988.
Senior Design Project: “Computer Recognition of Facial Features.” Advisor: Stephen Platt.

Positions Held

2003-present: Principal Research Scientist, Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, CSAIL, MIT
2001-2003: Manager, Image Components & Services, (Xerox) Palo Alto Research Center
1997-2001: Member of Research Staff II, (Xerox) Palo Alto Research Center
1995-1997: NRC Postdoctoral Researcher, NASA Ames
1994-1995: Postdoctoral Researcher, Utrecht University

Honors and Awards

Fellow, Association for Psychological Science, 2019.
University of California at Berkeley Eliahu Jury Award for excellence in control, systems, and signal processing research, 1995.
Google Research Awards, 2011, 2013-2015
Keynote speaker, Human Vision and Electronic Imaging, “Vision at a glance”, 2017
Invited speaker, VSS Symposium, “The role of ensemble statistics in the visual periphery”, 2017
Invited speaker, ECVP “Controversy” Symposium, “How does crowding limit object recognition”, 2017
Keynote speaker, Conference on Spatial Information Theory, 2019

Selected Service

2018-present: Advisory board, FoVea (Females of Vision et al)
2018-present: Associate editor, Journal of Vision
2016-present: Committee member, VSS Davida Teller Award
2017-present: Editorial board, Journal of Perceptual Imaging
2003-2017: Editorial board, ACM Transactions on Applied Perception
2005-2006: Program committee, Applied Perception in Graphics & Vision


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  • Demystifying visual awareness: Peripheral encoding plus limited decision complexity resolve the paradox of rich visual experience and curious perceptual failures Rosenholtz, R., Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 2020. Abstract PDF
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  • Those pernicious items R. Rosenholtz, Brain & Behavioral Sciences, 2017. Abstract PDF
  • Capacity limits and how the visual system copes with them Rosenholtz, R., HVEI, 2017. Abstract PDF
  • Pooling of continuous features provides a unifying account of crowding Keshvari, S., Rosenholtz, R., JOV, 2016. Abstract PDF
  • Age-related differences in the legibility of degraded text Wolfe, B., Dobres, J., Kosovicheva, A., Rosenholtz, R. and Reimer, CRPI, 2016. Abstract PDF
  • A general account of peripheral encoding also predicts scene perception performance Ehinger, K. A., Rosenholtz, R., Journal of Vision, 2016. Abstract PDF
  • Capabilities and limitations of peripheral vision Rosenholtz, R., Annual Review of Vision Science, 2016. Abstract PDF
  • Search performance is better predicted by tileability than by the presence of a unique basic feature Chang, H., Rosenholtz, R., Journal of Vision, 2016. Abstract PDF
  • Cube search, revisited X. Zhang, J. Huang, S. Yigit-Elliott, and R. Rosenholtz, Journal of Vision, 2015. Abstract PDF
  • Bridging text spotting and SLAM with junction features H.-C. Wang, C. Finn, L. Paull, M. Kaess, R. Rosenholtz, S. Teller, & J. Leonard, IROS, 2015. Abstract PDF
  • Accuracy and Speed of Material Categorization in Real-world Images Sharan, L., Rosenholtz, R., Adelson. E. H., Journal of Vision, 2014. Abstract PDF
  • Texture Perception R. Rosenholtz, Handbook of Perceptual Organization, 2014. Abstract PDF
  • Recognizing Materials Using Perceptually Inspired Features Sharan, L., Liu. C., Rosenholtz, R., Adelson. E. H., IJCV, 2013. Abstract PDF
  • Rethinking the role of top-down attention in vision: Effects attributable to a lossy representation in peripheral vision Ruth Rosenholtz, Jie Huang, and Krista A. Ehinger, Front. Psych., 2012. Abstract PDF
  • A summary statistic representation in peripheral vision explains visual search R. Rosenholtz, J. Huang, A. Raj, B. J. Balas, and L. Ilie, Journal of Vision, 2012. Abstract PDF
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  • What your visual system sees where you are not looking Ruth Rosenholtz, Proc. SPIE: HVEI, 2011. Abstract PDF
  • What Your Design Looks Like to Peripheral Vision Alvin Raj, Ruth Rosenholtz, APGV, 2010. Abstract PDF
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  • What statistics determine segmentation of orientation-defined textures? R. Rosenholtz, Optical Society of America Annual Meeting, 1998.
  • Surface orientation from texture: Isotropy or homogeneity (or both)? R. Rosenholtz & J. Malik, Vision Research, 1997. Abstract PDF
  • Computing local surface orientation and shape from texture for curved surfaces J. Malik & R. Rosenholtz, IJCV, 1997. Abstract PDF
  • Perceptual adaptive JPEG coding R. Rosenholtz & A. B. Watson, IEEE Intl. Conf. on Image Processing, 1996.
  • Affine Structure and Photometry R. Rosenholtz & J. Koenderink, CVPR, 1996.
  • Robust estimation of multiple surface shapes from occluded textures M. Black & R. Rosenholtz, Int. Symp. on Comp. Vis., 1995. Abstract PDF
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  • A perceptually tuned sub-band image coder R. Safranek, J. Johnston, & R. Rosenholtz, Proc. SPIE, 1990.


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