Benjamin Wolfe

Postdoctoral Scholar

Benjamin Wolfe
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar St., Building 32-D540
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: (617) 253-8599
email: b w o l f e @ m i t . e d u

Research website:

I am starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga in January 2021 where I will be running the Applied Perception and Psychophysics Laboratory.

My recent work has focused on bridging questions in basic vision science and applied vision and behavioral questions in the context of driving. I have collaborated extensively with the MIT AgeLab on a range of work in this space, examining topics as diverse as typeface legibility under different conditions, how quickly a driver can perceive the road environment, and the strengths and limitations of peripheral vision in a driving context. Prior to being a postdoc at MIT, I was a graduate student with David Whitney at UC Berkeley, where my research focused on information acquisition around the time of a saccade.

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