Perceptual Science Group @ MIT

Founded in 1994, the Perceptual Science Group of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT does research in human visual perception, machine vision, image processing, and human-computer interaction. Both the Adelson Lab and the Rosenholtz Lab are located in Building 32.


Paper accepted to IROS 2014: Rui and Wenzhen's work on adapting the Gelsight sensor for robotic touch has been accepted to IROS 2014. This work was done in collaboration with the Platt group at NEU, and it was covered by MIT News.

Rapid material perception: Lavanya's work on the rapid perception of material properties has been accepted to the Journal of Vision.

Paper accepted to ECCV 2014: Phillip's work on crisp boundary detection has been accepted for an oral presentation.

Dr. Derya Akkaynak graduates! She successfully defended her thesis, A computational approach to the quantification of animal camouflage, on May 23rd, 2014. Congratulations! She is continuing her research with a grant from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution in Panama. Here is a photo from the post-defense reception.

Lighting direction and translucency perception: Bei's work on understanding the role of the lighting direction in translucency perception has been accepted to the Journal of Vision.

Color calibration for scientific data acquisition: Derya & Bei's article on calibrating off-the-shelf digital cameras for accurate color capture has been accepted to JOSA A.

Taking a new look at subway map design: The Rosenholtz lab's Texture Tiling Model was used to evaluate subway maps for the MBTA Map Redesign Contest. Check out the FastCompany Design article, article, and the CSAIL news article. The news was also picked up by a couple other media sources: Smithsonian Magazine and The Dish. Here's an older article about our research from Science Daily.

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